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Dings and Dents Repair

For Columbia, South Carolina

CarLove by Colors on Parade is Columbia, South Carolina's answer to expensive body shops. We set up in locations near you, like the car dealership down the street from you. We bring our own supplies and only CarLove trained professionals work on your vehicle. This set up saves you time and money with high quality auto body results, satisfaction guaranteed

Columbia's Auto Body Experts

Dings and dents are never something you should have to deal with, nor do you need a full auto body paint job to fix a few dings and dents.  Give Car Love in Columbia a call. Our experts take the responsibility of making your vehicle look brand new very seriously.  Whether you need a paint touch up or to clear up foggy headlights, no job is too small to be handled professionally. We at CarLove believe that you car is an asset to your family. You hire a professional to help maintain your home to extend it's life and value, you should do the same for your car. Leaving dings and flakes in the paint lead to rust which is more expensive to repair. Besides, a vehicle's value is all in how it appears to the eye. Power wash and paint your house, maintain your yard and your car! CarLove is near you to provide annual auto body maintenance to keep your car looking sleek and clean all year round.

Need your car painted? We know what's it is like to live in South Carolina, the roads cause little dings and dents in our car paint too! But don't fret, our CarLove technicians are near by waiting for you. They have the tools and knowledge to match your paint color exactly, with access to 100's of paint codes from car manufacturers all over the world.

Maybe you don't want it the same color, that's ok too! Since we are independent from an auto dealership or car manufacture we are free to paint your car the color of your choice. Go for the color of your dream car, live a little!


Cracked auto frame?
Serve Auto Body Damage?
Silver Audi scratched in Columbia, South Carolina
door dent in Newberry, South Carolina?


CarLove can fix that too!
CarLove can do that too!
CarLove fixed the Audi like those scratched never happened
CarLove can fix doors like new too!

CarLove Columbia's Auto Body Services Include:

Auto Paint Repair

Our CarLove paint repair services include chips, flakes, dings and scratches. We can paint the whole car or just a small spot making sure to match your car's color exactly. Need auto body repair first? We can do that as well, from hail to rust damage we can repair the body making sure the area is smooth before we paint your car. 


Auto Dent Repair

At CarLove our dent repair services come to you just like our auto paint services. We do not own body shops that you would have to drive around looking for, we can remove your dents at that dealership down your street. We also offer paintless dent repair options to make sure you get your car back fast! Same fast, quality services you expect from CarLove satisfaction guaranteed. 


Headlight Restoration

With the roads the way they are in South Carolina, the brightness of our vehicle headlights is very important to the safety of our families. Especially in the rain. Your local experts at CarLove can clean your headlights, restoring your lights to the quality they were when your car was brand new.  We can offer headlight renewal on the most foggy plastic covers you have. Bring them by. 

Wheel Refinish

Columbia roads are hard on your car, particularly your wheels. That is why we at CarLove started offering wheel refinishing services. Remove those scrapes, scuffs and tire fades from the potholes and drive around town with clean, liek new wheels. Find your local CarLove expert now!


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