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Headlight Restoration

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Are your headlights dark, cloudy or foggy? This can be caused by ultra-violet light damaging the surface of the plastic or a build up or dirt or acid. Foggy or dirty plastic can cause the bean of light to weaken, reducing your field of vision while driving and in Columbia, South Carolina that can be dangerous.  Don't worry, the CarLove Columbia experts can help with our Headlight Restoration services. Make sure you can see those deer on the road with nice clear headlights, shining their brightest, call us today. 

Headlight Restoration

The Headlight Restoration Process

First we remove the old, damaged UV coating around your headlight. Next we resurface the head lamp and reapply a new UV coating. The whole process is completed in less than three hours. We can also do tail lights!   Call us to schedule your restoration today


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