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Satisfaction Guaranteed

No more living with scratches and dents on your beloved vehicle and no more hassle from the auto body shop. CarLove by Colors on Parade brings ecosmart mobile auto paint and dent repairs to you at an affordable price. WE uses eco-friendly technologies to provide mobile auto body repair services at any location, usually your local vehicle dealership for space. Our services include the repair of auto paint scratches, scrapes, dents and dings, and paintless dent repair. If your car could use a little love, give us a call today. 

Meet Your Local Auto Paint Experts

CarLove in Columbia, South Carolina is a family affair, literally. Michael Cameron is the father of CarLove Columbia, the first to start the franchise in the area back in 1999. For almost 20 years he has perfected his craft of mobile auto paint repair, teaching his family and friends of the family how to touch up paint along the way. This unique opportunity has given all of us at CarLove in Columbia the ability to apprentice in an art that brings the families in the midland's joy and happiness when they see their cars looking sleek and new.  


You love your car and so do we. That is why we say, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

CarLove Columbia, South Carolina